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Post-WOD Latte

As someone who gets to work with Paul at Eat to Perform, and workout at the same CF box, I do get the added benefit of being able to ask him questions related to my own fitness goals.   The other day we discussed post-workout shakes.  He recommended a ½ can of light coconut milk plus some Simply Pure Nutrients Pro3 Chocolate Coconut to help me preserve muscle gains while still trying to lose fat.  While I was willing to try it, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea of downing a cold, thick “shake” at breakfast time (I WOD at 5:30 am).

Then I had an idea.


A large coffee, which I normally drink black, plus ¼ can of Trader Joe’s Light Coconut Milk, plus ½ a scoop of the Simply Pure Nutrients Pro3 Chocolate Coconut supplement.   It was like a latte.


But why only ½ the recommended supplement?  Because I drink two large coffees, of course.  So, two “lattes” post-WOD.  Yes, please.


Something to consider for Diabetics




First off you might want to consider Crossfitting only occasionally.  Robb Wolf used to talk about this a lot.  High Intensity causes crazy insulin spikes and you would be much better off doing it less than other folks.  What is really good for Diabetics is a Ketogenic approach, which probably means you should be weight lifting heavy a lot more.  This has a couple of effects, it’s more friendly with insulin, especially if you do something like Eustress training where you are keeping your heart rate low.  When you do this it activates your Glut4 receptors which can function and store nutrients “without” the need for insulin, check out the video below.  Don’t mistake me, this is not medical advice but currently many diabetics are managing their insulin with synthetic insulin, so this approach is clearly better than that one.

Carb Back Loading or really any diet where you are mostly Ketogenic (burning fat, ketones are the by product of fat metabolism) coupled with pretty clean refeeds from mostly whole food sources and then combined with low intensity workouts where you would shuttle most of your carbs without the need for insulin, in theory, is a much better approach than the way most people currently manage their diabetes.

Am I recommending donuts and turnovers to diabetics? No I am not.  I am simply suggesting that most of you are eating and drinking carbs and protein, both are insulinogenic.  If you can do so around your workouts and set up an environment within your body where your body is most receptive to various nutrients that is (once again, in  theory) a better atmosphere for nutrient absorption.

Fat is the friend of Diabetics

A strategic approach to fats is also very smart for diabetics.  Fats blunt insulin and slow absorption rates so eating 85/15 grass fed ground beef is probably pretty smart.  This also applies when you do add some carbohydrates to your meals.

Watch the part of the video around the 3:01 mark.

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