Seven Tips for Using Paleo or Zone to Eat To Perform

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I think we offer the best option for athletic performance compared to pretty much any other strategy out there because you can do Paleo, or Zone, or whatever else.  It’s not a diet, it’s a strategy.  Eating adequate amounts of carbohydrates around your workouts and then using fats at rest is a pretty simple idea.  Met Flex for Fat Loss is the book we wrote specifically for this community.  We back it up with a Private Forum run by a team of helpful advisors we call the Science Lab.  We also hold four webinars each week where you can talk to Paul Nobles and Julia Ladewski.  When you buy the book from the link above, you get access to both of these features.

1.  Men and women utilize carbohydrate differently.  Women are, in general, better at burning fat than men around workouts so they need fewer carbohydrates in their nutrition plans.

2.  Ketogenic/low carb diets can cause fast weight loss but they are rarely ideal for optimal performance (and long term fat loss).

3.  While it may not be extremely common, some women suffer some unfortunate side effects when they get really lean and/or deprive their bodies of carbohydrates.  For this reason, it’s better to adopt a less restrictive approach to carbs.

4.  Women should strive to hit their protein goals first (1 grams per pound of body weight), and then focus on carbs and fat; in general, we suggest using 75g-100g of fats in the ETP calculator and solve for carbs to give you some idea of the ballpark you are on in for training days.

5.  Rest days can be modified to include more fat and less carbs; 75-100g may be appropriate.

6.  As with most things, experimenting with more or less carbs will help you arrive at a balance that works for you and allows you to look and perform the way you want to.  Also before or after workouts is another big one (excluding AM workouts where you eat your carbs the night before).

7.  You don’t need to eat pizza and turnovers for carb sources; go for starches like potatoes and rice, and be sure to include some vegetables.  Coconut milk smoothies are also a great option.

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