4 ideas on realizing your genetic potential

Dan Bailey


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  1. Many dieting concepts prevalent in bodybuilding culture have no practical application for new trainees, and they certainly don’t set you up for optimal athletic performance.
  2. You have to have a lot of muscle on your body to look great at a low body fat percentage.  Furthermore, the levels of leanness that some people attempt to achieve are impossible to maintain.  Nobody needs to be walking around at 5% body fat unless they’re preparing for a competitive physique/bodybuilding show or a photo shoot.
  3. Genetics are no excuse not to work hard.  If you place limitations upon yourself based upon your genetics, you’ll sell yourself short.
  4. Instead of asking yourself how much more fat you need to lose, ask yourself how much more muscle you need to gain/how much stronger you need to become to accomplish your goals.

Here is the full length article “What is your genetic potential (or being Dan Bailey)

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