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This is a comment from Janelle talking to someone in the forums.  She has a lot of experience working with people on a one to one basis and along with myself and James we monitor “the groups”.  The groups are set in the Science Lab for people’s specific goals.  This is actually the topic Mike will be doing his update on this month in Met Flex for Fat Loss.  (Also Janelle’s profile is in that link) She is a rock star in the forums and does a great job working people through their hurdles.

This is Janelle

I cannot stress highly enough the ‘gradually awesome approach’ here! Resetting the metabolism and keeping it healthy is very important.

Key points to keep things reigned in:

  1. Know where you are now. You have to know what your intake is and what changes if you want to know what is working and what is not. That means a little tracking up front. Don’t go crazy but know.
  2. Make the changes regular. Meaning, don’t add in 3 different carb sources all in one day and then if you feel lousy, you don’t know which one you might have had a reaction to. Start with one thing and use it for 3 days, then add something else.
  3. Don’t wait until you are freaked out to dial it back a little. Being up 3-5 lbs is re-feeding, don’t wait until you are up so far that you can’t make a course correction without getting down on yourself. Listen to your body, make some tweaks, ask for help (that’s what we are here for).
  4. Sometimes you need to rest. Yes, we are here to Eat To Perform. But your body just might need a short reset. Take a de-load week or even some real rest days. Take care of yourself! Your body will like it.  (this is Paul, if the Omegawave app has taught me anything it’s that more rest is actually better for performance, there isn’t just one way to Eat To Perform)

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