Danielle Horan, someone you will know very soon

Danielle Horan

Crossfit Games athletes have it most right already.  Danielle smoked the North East Region coming in first and then contacted me afterwards.  Many of you haven’t heard of Danielle but you will.  If Vegas had odds on the Crossfit Games I would have a lot of money on Danielle because she is going to be ready in July and she has all the tools to win the Crossfit Games.  Today we will be rooting on Erica Livett in the Canada West division.  In a very short time our book (Met Flex for Fat Loss) and the seminars and private group have made a big difference for a lot of people.  Let me just caution you though, this is a FAT LOSS group with performance first.  Our women are led by Elisabeth Akinwale, Danielle Horan and Erica Livett.  Work Capacity is our model.  The goal is to be better and Crossfit, eat appropriate amounts to fuel athleticism and let body composition come naturally.

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This is a post Danielle put up in the private forums for our members:

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 8.08.19 AM

For Proteins I have Danielle using Hydrolyzed Whey Isolates (the stuff in Recovery and More Muscle) and Beta Alanine (one of the ingredients in Force).  I am going to be honest with you, this stuff isn’t cheap because it’s really good and works.  That is why we promote Progenex on this site and if you buy clicking this banner you get 10% off.


For carbs Danielle is using Vitargo.  If you click the banner the article goes over the benefits and how to use it.  It is a fast acting and quick absorbing carbohydrate that you drink.

Vitargo Image

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