Using Body Fat Results, Extreme Fat Loss Example

Maggie Martin

Our Extreme Fat loss classes are held on Monday nights and you get that class free when you purchase the book “Metabolic Flexibility for High Intensity Athletes“.

1)  If you are new to body fat testing the first one is often disconcerting, don’t let it be, it’s a baseline you are where you are and it’s a great starting point.

2)  The most important number by far is lean body mass, this gives you some idea on how much muscle you have and as the tests progress you will be able to tell if you are doing a good job of preserving it.  If you aren’t that’s a bad thing, for fat mobilization you really want to keep muscle mass high as that is favorable for metabolism.

3)  The biggest indicator for fat loss is weight loss assuming you are eating adequate amount of carbohydrates.  When people refer to “water weight” they are talking about pulling the water out of your muscles.  So the goal is to keep your muscles hydrated “occasionally eating” less to try and get your overall body weight to move down.

4)  For people with a lot of fat to lose their fat layer serves as a layer of protection for their muscles so they can tend to get a little more aggressive with lowering carbohydrates/calories occasionally to get things moving in the right direction.

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