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Generally, there are two types of people:  the people that think tips like this are silly, and the people that overuse tips like this.  Hopefully, you are neither, and would simply like more (and better) ideas to help you reach your body composition goals.  Overusing a tip like this basically just eats at your muscle over time, which will often lead to fat accumulation.

Occasionally, however it’s a nice tool to have in the bag.

I recommend working out fasted in the early morning, opting for only creatine around your workout.  Then you would typically delay breakfast for a short time.  If you are up early enough, you can have some coffee but it CAN reduce the effect of the creatine, so I try to keep them as separate as possible.

Here is the tip:

Don’t eat for a couple of hours (basically extend your fast or delayed breakfast routine).  Your body is very prone towards storage post workout; for a “mostly building most of the time” approach that is great, but occasionally it’s nice to rein things back in a bit.  As long as you don’t abuse it, I think you will find it’s helpful.

Will you be hungry?  I typically am, coming out of the gym, but that seems person dependent.  Also, If you are going to down Ben and Jerry’s when you are done, I am not sure that is what we are trying to do.  I will probably have a large coffee here in a bit, and I suspect I will have lunch/breakfast around 11 or noon.  That should allow my body to use some of those fats I freed up during my workout.

Remember, the end game is eating to perform, so this does put a little pressure on you to get in enough food to fuel future workouts.  I am actually not going to be able to workout this weekend, so I will keep my intake relatively low today and stick mostly to fats and proteins Saturday and Sunday.

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