Five ways to adjust for the Paleo Diet


This video is so good and shows EXACTLY why “just eat more” is bad advice.  It will always amaze me that we know our numbers for everything and we ignore numbers for the scale, body fat or whatever else it is.  I get it, knowing what you are doing isn’t working sucks but if you want to get better you need to have data.  That’s why the calculator is so helpful for so many people and that’s why everyone should be a Science Lab member.

Also I did talk John from Simply Pure Nutrients to keep the “free shipping” thing going until tomorrow night.  Click this link for info.’s Barbell Shrugged podcast (You definitely want to check out!) mentioned Eat To Perform in a recent episode.  It’s an extremely entertaining video full of a lot of useful information on adjusting your diet to improve your performance, and it really makes us happy that we’re getting through to people!  You can check out episode #54 “5 Ways to Adjust Paleo for High Volume CrossFit Training” below.  We’ve also provided a short excerpt of the section where they talk about Eat To Perform and “the lightbulb moment”.

Laura:  So I started researching on the internet and I ran across a couple of different blogs that were interesting, like Eat To Perform.  I think that’s Paul Nobles; have y’all heard of him?

Michael:  Nuh uh.

Laura:  He’s one of the guys that does the LeanGains/Carb Back-Loading thing.  I can’t remember the LeanGains guy…John somebody.

Michael:  I remember his name, I remember you were talking about him.

Chris:  There’s like 800 carb loading guys so…

Laura:  I know.  He’s one of the ones that works with a lot of powerlifters.  Anyway, his blog is actually really informative.  It’s called Eat To Perform.  When I started reading about it, I was like, “Ah, Eat To Perform.  I never actually thought of it like that…”  I know Michael told me a thousand times.

Michael:  He wants to like grab you and shake you like a baby.

Laura:  Again, I guess maybe I wasn’t ready to hear it…Maybe I just wasn’t getting in the way you were saying it.

Chris:  Maybe you’re just…A dummie…

Laura:  I know, I’m sorry!

Michael:  I’m a terrible communicator.

Laura:  Doug’s just like, “God I hate you!”

Doug:  I just have this vision of Mike shaking you.


Laura:  Like a ragdoll…But on his blog, he was talking about your metabolic function and how your muscles obviously can’t grow if you’re not eating enough calories.  I was like, “Holy shit!  I might not be eating enough calories!”

Chris:  The mind blown moment.

Laura:  I know right?  And I’m a brunette; I promise I’m not a blonde!  I was like, “Holy shit!” So I started researching metabolic function.  He has this crazy calculator on his website.  It’s like a BMR calculator; it calculates your total number of energy expenditures you give in a day.  I was like, through the roof.  I was like 1,500 calories short of what I should be taking in.

Chris:  That’s a lot to be short by.

Laura:  That’s a lot!

Michael:  And where’s the calculator at?
Laura:  On  It’s just a simple BMR calculator:  height, weight, age, your level of activity.  He does this for CrossFitters; this is a CrossFit thing.

Michael:  Something like that is gonna give you good general information.  It’s a starting point.

Laura:  It’s a starting point.  Exactly.

Chris:  If you’re way off, you’re probably way off.

Laura:  Exactly; 1,500 calories…I mean, that’s quite a bit to be off.

Chris:  That’s a lot.  The standard error around that…You can probably safely assume you could eat more food.

Laura:  Exactly.  I can safely assume I need to be ingesting 2000-2400 calories a day.  I mean, I wake up at 5 a.m., I go all day long at work, then I train.  I have a kid at home.  There’s a lot going on.  I need a lot of calories to keep going, and to keep building muscle.

So anyway, I found that on his blog and I was like, “Well, what the hell.  I’m already feeling like shit, I might as well just give it a shot.  I know Mike and Doug have preached this forever…”

Michael:  Let me give this food a chance!


Laura:  I know!  I texted your wife, and I told her.  She’s like, “How many times have I told you this!?”  I was like, “I’m sorry.”


Laura:  I know, I’m fired as a CrossFitter.

Chris:  But most people listening to this, I can guarantee you.  You are doing something right now…

Laura:  Lightbulbs are going off!

Chris:  That’s super simple to overlook and it’s undermining your performance.  You can fix it easily.  You’ve gotta look at the obvious things.  Don’t look towards radical programming shifts and manipulations.  Don’t look towards fancy supplements.  Until you know you’ve addressed every key thing, it’s right here in front of your face.  It’s so close it’s hard to miss it!

Laura:  But it’s so close you do miss it.

Chris:  “I need a fancy supplement!”  How much do you sleep?  “About two hours a night.”

Michael:  that’s an excellent point.  I think people are quick to take a supplement, because it’s easy.  Changing your lifestyle is NOT easy, so people want the supplement to be the answer.  But more than likely, it’s not the supplement.

Chris:  It’s just you and your screwed up life.

Laura:  I changed just a hair of my supplement…It wasn’t enough to make a big difference.  My diet has completely changed though.  It was like literally 24 hours later; I came in like bouncing in the gym.  Mike was like, “Oh my gosh.  What is wrong with you!?  What’re you on!?

Michael:  I remember.
Chris:  My body works!

Mike:  I wasn’t nearly as excited about it as she was.

Chris:  It’s like when you go through school your whole life, and you’ve been squinting at the board for years and years.  Somebody says, “You should go to the fucking eye doctor dude.”  You can’t see.  You put on glasses and you go, “Oh my god, I can see what leaves look like!  What’s that!?  A word!?”  Your whole life just changes ‘cause you did something obvious to everybody else.

Laura:  The angels come out and play their harps.  The clouds open up.  It’s amazing.  But women don’t think that they need to eat more to feel good.

Doug:  You’re gonna be afraid of getting fat right?

Laura:  YES.  And I’ll tell you this: every single day, I eat twice as much as I was eating.  And it’s a struggle.  I will not lie.  Mentally, I’m like, “OK.  I’m not gonna get fat because I’m eating this!”  It’s funny how you have to reprogram your mind.  I don’t want people to think I’m shoving McDonalds down my throat.  It’s still very clean, Paleo-esque food.

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