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I have mentioned this before that April’s approach is how we set up the ladies class.  Starting people off gradually and then moving up to improve performance, adjusting and testing along the way.  There has been a lot of talk about control days and carbohydrate intake, April ingests an average of 185 grams of carbohydrate on her control days.  So maybe what you think you know might be wrong.  For information on how to join the Science Lab click this link.

April’s “gradually awesome” approach in pictures

Some of you may (or may not) remember me from my previous article about my gradual approach to increasing carbs.  That was a while back and yet, let me say, this is still the best thing I have mentally gotten over and consistently stuck with.

This is what a 134-135 lb.-ish, 5’5 & 1/2″ (Yes, I want that 1/2 inch!) female who Eats To Perform looks like:

April Simmons Blackford
My morning started with a cup of coffee, then at around 7:30am a second cup, as well as a big bowl of chocolate protein oatmeal that I had with my creatine monohydrate. I love this oatmeal; it is so warm and filling and really hits the spot!
I headed to the gym, and during my workout I had this yummy berry pomegranate Vitamin Water. I will drink either this or a Gatorade during my WO.  My Saturdays are always my high volume workout days. What’s so high volume about them?  Well, I do deads first, and although the actual weight part isn’t a ton of reps, I do include a lot more recovery and mobility on these days than I do on the others.  My WO started around 9:30 a.m. and finished at 11:30 a.m. I am currently doing a modified version of Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1. This week, I worked up to my top set of deads (based off the percentages) at 210lbs for 5 reps. My WO also included a lot of other kick ass stuff like split squats, single leg RDLs, side lunges, and a ton of calf work.

After the gym, I had to run some errands and do some shopping, so I had a  banana & a chocolate brownie Quest Bar. The banana wasn’t as spotty as I normally eat post-workout, but I had just picked these up the day before and was the best I had. The Quest Bar is not only delicious, but provides pretty decent nutrition for a protein bar.  (The best, in my opinion, compared to just making your own.)
Shopping took a little longer than planned, and I finally got home around 2:00. I wasn’t feeling like having anything heavy to eat, since dinner wouldn’t be too far off, so I had a big-ass salad with grilled chicken, lots of veggies, some raw hemp seed hearts, nutritional yeast flakes (yes, surprisingly these are very tasty and a heck of a lot good for you), and some pomegranate Balsamic vinegar.  This really hit the spot.
After this I had to go back out and run more errands (No, I’m not lying.) and come home to do some housework.  With all the running around and the big WO this morning, I was getting a little hungry.  I was excited, because I eat the majority of my carbs at night, and this was when the trip to Pleasure Town would begin. I made dinner around 6:00 p.m. and had this:April6
It’s some grilled fish with fresh made mango salsa, blackened shrimp, sautéed garlic kale and a TON of potatoes.  I also had a baked sweet potato(yam) with 2 tbsp. of peanut butter melted on top, along with two Okinawan sweet potatoes.  I swear, I’m addicted to these purple Okinawan potatoes. They seriously taste like birthday cake; who the hell doesn’t like birthday cake?
After dinner, I relaxed and spent time with my family, mostly outside on the back patio since it was such an awesome day weather-wise.  At round 9:00 p.m. (after I had retired to my robe to lie around and watched TV), I was a little under on my carbs. (Duh this was planned!)  I had two servings of golden Oreo ice cream and one serving of Snickers ice cream. It was yummy, and just what I needed to drift off into some much-deserved, deep sleep for the night.


By the way, my final carb count for the day ended up at 287 g.  I was over my 2 g but I think that’s pretty darn close to awesome for me! Oh, and I snapped a quick bathroom pic at the gym (Sorry, its semi blurry-someone was coming.) to show the my upper body muscles. They  continue to grow and get leaner every week, and I know this is partly due to me consistently feeding them!


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