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For a few weeks now I have started to put into place the pieces of what is ultimately becoming a school that will teach people much of the information that we talk about on the facebook page.  Clearly there are some concepts that require more than just a passive comment or a two sentence post.  Initially this will be a soft launch open only to people that have purchased Carb Back Loading through our site (so they are the guinea pigs).  This will allow us the ability to work through some of the kinks and allow me to hire some staff so I don’t have to teach all of the classes.

The only way to get into these seminars at the moment is to purchase CBL from this site.  Here are the details on what to do after that.

Currently there are 5 classes and we will be offering them at various times and adjusting as the need arises:

1.  A CBL follow up class to try and answer any tricky questions that arise from the book.

2.  A ladies specific class

3.  Meal Planning with Ashley Drobney (this one is going to be fun)

4.  Supplementing for Performance (with Paul and special guests)

The last one is pretty exciting, every week we will have a special guest on Monday evenings.  I will announce the topic but not the guest, so it will be a surprise.  I can assure you that you won’t want to miss these, they are free and will not count against the credits you earned from buying the book (essentially two sessions and then the free classes on Monday).

For people that already own Carb Back Loading

It will be at least a week before we can take paid sign ups and honestly I don’t want to sign up a bunch of you guys and disappoint you anyway.  Try to be patient and we will get this open to the larger group, in the mean time I will try and get up some of the discussions so people have some idea how the topic matter will work.


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