Can CBL get and keep you lean?

Many of the people you see as testimonials for Carb Back Loading tend to be thicker powerlifting types, maybe an occasional body builder.  I met Fred Joh approximately two years ago and we were firmly entrenched in the LeanGains style of eating.  Which was great to get lean but left both of us lacking for what was the inevitable “next level”.  For Fred his profession as a male model required a certain physique and being ultra-lean was fine but he felt a need to add some muscle to get that more “shredded” look.  I think you can see from these pictures it worked.  Like most of us CBL is a strategy, it’s the always easy fall back position as a go to way of eating.  For Fred his profession requires a specific look and so sometimes he has to veer from that strategy.  I can tell you that there are a lot of stereotypes about models and as you will be able to see from these pictures he is an example that most of those are actually myths.  When he eats it’s for size and some of his meals are epic to say the least.

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Without further ado.

Fred Joh Oblique Pic

Fred Joh Back Shot

Fred Joh Abs FTW

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